About Nancy Rosenberger

Nancy Rosenberger received her yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Mass. She completed her 200-hour certificate and is working on her 500-hour certificate. She also has a Mat Pilates teaching certificate from Livewell Studio in Corvallis. She likes to hike, sing, travel, and visit her family. Nancy is a retired professor of cultural anthropology and taught for many years at Oregon State University. She has done research in Japan, Central Asia, and Oregon on women’s lives, food, and organic farmers. Nancy is a Zen practitioner whose Buddhist name is Seiryu (静龍) which means “silent dragon”。

"My first brush with yoga was in a college phys ed course. Teaching English in Japan after college, the fresh air of the north was great for two years, but then we moved to Tokyo and the pollution made me sick. I got a book on yoga and did it religiously at home. It saved me. After I moved to Oregon with three children 11, 9, and 2, and was teaching at Oregon State, yoga was a pool of calm in the middle of a busy week. I remember one evening rushing off to get to a yoga class on time. A police car’s siren and flashing lights came up behind me and I got a speeding ticket on the way to yoga! What irony. I realized I needed to let the calm of yoga slip over into the rest of my life. After I retired, I wanted to use my right brain more and offer some calm to other people’s lives."